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To all the ladies out there...

 Please remember October is a month dedicated to “breast cancer awareness”  and all things PINK.

What breast cancer awareness mean? For some it is a reminder to get your annual mammogram. 

For others, October is a painful reminder of their breast cancer experience, and the tens of thousands of lives lost annually to this disease. However for us at AROC, October for us along with our partners and those who will host a fundraiser to support our efforts and raise money for our “essential” mission.


Please know without your contributions/support from AROC “365 PINK FUNDS”, many individuals in active treatment for breast cancer are at risk for a sudden hard financial losses. In other words, they are at-risk to not show up for chemo infusion or radiation, or they do not fill prescriptions. 


Treatment patient is overwhelmed and can lead to earlier mortality, an outcome that is unacceptable. When lost income come into conflict or opposition with the cost of health insurance premiums, high deductibles, and

co-pays, patients and their families are at risk for suffering financial losses.

The threat of vehicle repossession, utility shutoffs, foreclosure, or eviction, can result in patients making decisions to stop treatment and return to work. Many women will have the honor of sharing that these are choices they feel compelled to make, until they learn about AROC “365 PINK FUNDS”. 

If you would like to share your story/ your journey send it to is at: today.

For women with HER2+or HER2- or metastatic disease awaiting a social security disability decision or Social Security Disability Income payments to begin, AROC 365 PINK FUNDS can provide them with up to six months of financial assistance (If funds are awarded).


A big thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to leave us a review. we are grateful to have a community of recipients, donors and volunteers who feel empowered to share their BREST CANCER experience with others. We are  always looking for reviews for our quarterly news letter.

Please consider leaving yours today or call us to share your journey through it. Help us to the #1 status as a top-rated nonprofit for next year 2024. We will be seeking partnership and grant funding for the Cancer cost toll patients and Families face" in our journey were ever it begins from  2000 - 2023 and beyond.


A NOTE FROM "Bettye's Desk"

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 From The Director's Desk

Better Vision for 25, 000 Underserved youth, young adult, family, and veterans, seniors, disability individuals in our service area of Charleston and Berkeley County that had a hardship from the Pandemic. AROC and its collaboration partner, we believe that everyone deserves to see their best so that they can live their best. That is why this philanthropy project is so important is fulfilling our mission to individuals' and families we serve in adult basic education, Youth literacy, Family Literacy, Health, Eyeglasses- Vision for  everyone to be able to eye to have literacy improvements.

This project will provide 24 complimentary pairs of eyeglasses for underserved individuals within the community in which we serve through our referral voucher program.. It is Easy as 1, 2, 3 just call us today for additional information to add your name to our list for your complimentary basic eye-exam, complimentary pair of eyeglass. 

AROC is currently scheduling appointments starting Monday, November 8, 2021 and Appointment times can book up quickly, so please be encourage your vision is very important to us here at AROC. Please go to our contact page and request for these services before time runs out. Talk with you soon.

From October 01, 2021 to October 31, 2021 

we have referred 52 underserved individual's that has had a financially hardship due to the Pandemic! 

Free Eye Exam's 57

Free Eyeglasses 5​5

Thank you

Bettye J Simmons-Weeks

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let's start today!

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AROC is ONLY collecting information  for 


to see if there is a need for this services for our low-income areas of See Wee to Santee communities. 

This will be income based!!

SHARE the information with 

family and friends that is in NEED only

let's start today!

Go to our contact page &

fill out the form 

 if additional information is needed someone will call you back.

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